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CapTel Captioned Telephone

Captioned Telephone

Ideal for people with hearing loss, the Captioned Telephone, or CapTel, works like any other telephone with one important addition: It displays every word the caller says throughout the conversation. CapTel phone users can listen to the caller, and can also read the written captions in the CapTel's bright display window.

Read and understand while still hearing their voice.

CapTel 840i Captioned Telephone


CapTel is easy to use. It works the same way you'd use any other telephone. If you can't hear what someone says, simply read the captions.

No Cost Captioning Service

No costs for the Captioning Service are passed on to consumers – no monthly fees, no service agreements. Your monthly phone bill does not change.

State Programs

Some states offer special programs to get a CapTel phone FREE or at a reduced rate. Learn more about programs in your area.

Set Up

Set up can be as easy as connecting a phone line and plugging it in! Or CapTel can work with your high-speed internet service. We'll help you select the right phone for your home or office.

CapTel Telephone

You need a CapTel phone to access the Captioning Service. CapTel phones are available for $75, or you may qualify for a phone at no cost to you.

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Choosing a CapTel Phone


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No-Cost Captioned Telephone for People with Hearing Loss

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