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Who We Are


OEI increases awareness about programs that provide captioned telephones to individuals who struggle to hear over the phone. OEI is a valuable resource for local hearing loss professionals and organizations that support those with hearing loss.

We want to help improve the lives of your patients and clients.


OEI provides educational presentations about the benefits of captioned telephones and how to receive one. We help raise awareness locally about the captioned telephone services available to people with hearing loss. We help you help your clients find the solutions they need to stay connected to the world.

We support the deaf and hard of hearing community by providing greater access to effective communication tools and information.


OEI provides installation and training, either in person or over the phone, on the use of captioned telephones, making sure each phone is installed correctly, and that clients receive one-on-one training with an Outreach Educator.

We want every person connected with a CapTel Captioned Telephone to be comfortable and confident using their new telephone.​


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